Jazz Jam at Asian Street Restaurant

                   1000 US 1, North Palm Beach

Swing Street invites musicians and vocalists to sit in with the band, expanding the group to between four and seven musicians on stage together. We are an encouraging group, welcoming keyboard, bass, drums, trumpet, saxophone, trombone, guitar, vocalists, with the opportunity to play with Swing Street.  A keyboard, drum set, and bass amp are provided. Please join us at one of the events listed on our home page: www.musicpalmbeach.com

Some of the musicians that have recently joined us include: Carlos Gonzalez, Ed Finn, Jamie Harris, Max Whiting, Hal Roland, Bob Ullman, Larry Carsman, Rick Moore, Vin Mazzola, Buddy Dessaro, Lenny Zinni, Tony Natoli, Tom Miller, Tom Van Rijn, Yvette Norwood Tiger, Libra Sene,  Tom West, Keith Jones, Richard Garrick, Bill Miller, Derek Carroll, Donna Singer, Victor Kastel, Bruce Bernstein, Ray Sachs, Roget Pontbriand, John Tutino, Lee Chandler, Pat Dyer, John Small, Billy Novick, and many more.

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